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Born in Cali, Colombia, award-winning painter Angel Antonio Espinosa was drawn to painting as a child then migrated to the United States in 1969 to join his family. After establishing a career in the health field, later in life, Espinosa decided to pick up his paintbrush again and enrolled in art classes at Westchester Community College Arts Center to study painting and photography.

After pursuing his calling and reconnecting with his love of painting from his childhood days, Espinosa began a series of landscapes paintings to capture his view of nature and his belief in its impact on the human spirit. He has painted with Andrew Lattimore, David Fox, Life Drawing with Marcelo Pittari, and other renowned painters.

Committed to sharing his experiences and views of nature from his global travels, Espinosa's recent work brings to light the similarities of life and nature from Cambodia, Tahiti, St. Lucia, and to the U.S. and beyond.

Espinosa is a recipient of several awards and a member of the Old Greewich Arts Society. With a strong commitment to community, he supports hospitals by donating works for art for their fundraising campaigns to increase access to healthcare.

His artwork  can be viewed in Westchester and Connecticut.

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